Stop Caring about These Things!!!

 Look, gents. We have to STOP giving these things so much attention. Have a sit down with Ol' Uncle Kaine, and let's focus on changing our viewpoint in a different direction.

Stop Being so Dislike-able!!!!

 Look gents! We all do things that make us dislike-able, but we can fix this! Sit down, grab your coffee and let me shine some light on these cringy things! 

Ashy to Classy: 5 Winter Essentials All Guys Need!

 Gents, it's friggin COLD out there!!!! That doesn't mean we shouldn't be stylish, though! Here are 5 Winter essentials we need to stay stylish and warm throughout these colder months!! 

LEAVE These Things in 2019!!!

 These aren't resolutions! These are things that are staying in 2019 and are NOT coming with us. Here are FIVE things to LEAVE in 2019. Walk into 2020 as an amazing, handsome badass. 

How to Stop Being a BORING Date!!!!!

 Gents....let's not bore these ladies with our lack of passion and conviction. STOP BEING SO BORING! I've got your back with a couple tips to set yourself apart from these other ****bois she's seeing.  

How to NEVER LOSE Any Argument!

 Gents, there are a few certain moves we can make to ensure we NEVER lose any argument. Be conscious, gentle and understanding of your opposition. Dive in into these rules and follow them to a T! Don't let erratic people bring you down to their level!!!! 

You MUST Avoid These Beginner STYLE MISTAKES!!!!

 Gents! I made these mistakes, and I see all dudes making them, constantly. Let's change that! I've got your back, as always, AVOID these BEGINNER STYLE MISTAKES!!! 

How to DEAL With ANXIETY!!!!

 Anxiety is one harsh beast...BUT we can learn a lot from it. It's tough, but the things that make us anxious and uncomfortable can reveal how we feel about ourselves at a core level and lead us to ENORMOUS breakthroughs. Let Uncle Kaine help you through these mental maps.  

6 Things HANDSOME Dudes NEVER Leave Home WITHOUT!!!!!!

 Gents! NEVER leave the house WITHOUT these items! You NEVER know what could happen! Don't miss out on any opportunities. Uncle Kaine has your back, so sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Stop Doing These 6 Things...Become A Mature Man!

 Want to be taken more seriously? Then stop it with these 6 things that are making you look immature! Stop resenting others and be a mature man! Uncle Kaine has your back. 

How to Create a Trustworthy Appearance

 One of the "Instant Advantages" of style is being more trustworthy! How do we increase trustworthiness in our appearance? Sit back and let Uncle Kaine show you how you can gain INSTANT trust from those around, without even opening your mouth! 

7 MASCULINE Actions that Dudes Think are WEAK!

 Oh, so you think it's weak to be vulnerable? I've got some MANLY news for you, bud...In this video, we're going over 7 things that dudes think are weak, but are actually MANLY AS ****. Don't get caught in a weak view of masculinity. BE A MAN!  

How To Subtly Up Your Handsome!!!!

 These tips will help you up your handsome in some not-so-obvious ways! Let's go, baby! 

5 Things Guys Need to START Doing!

 I can't believe I left you dudes hanging...No worries, I always have your back! Here are 5 things we need to start doing to stay handsome and powerful! 

5 Things Porn is Teaching You Wrong About SEX and WOMEN!!

 Want that lady of your dreams to call you back? Stop watching porn! Here are 5 of the main things that Porn is teaching you wrong about sex and women!!